About Jadarat

Jadarat is established to develop the leadership and innovation capacity of individuals and corporates in the Middle East. Our prolonged relations with our loyal customers are achieved through our commitment to quality in content, joyfulness in delivery, and excellence in operation. We guarantee unforgettable learning experience, holistic approach to leadership development, and innovative learning interventions that assure lasting change for our clients. Click here to view our profile

CEO Message

The word “Jadarat” is the closest Arabic translation to the word “competencies”. Managing and enhancing individuals and corporates’ competencies is our profession and mission. We believe that everyone has unlimited power and skills. All what is needed is to unleash his/her power and potentials. Jadarat is established to play this role. We also believe that life is not separated from business, and that the essence in training is not the knowledge but the experience, and the lasting change in behavior not the volatile gained skills. Jadarat has its unique combination of blended learning and development tools and interventions. To get the best learning service, each…

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