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Jadarat is established to develop the leadership and innovation capacity of individuals and corporates in the Middle East. Our prolonged relations with our loyal customers are achieved through our commitment to quality in content, joyfulness in delivery, and excellence in operation. We guarantee unforgettable learning experience, holistic approach to leadership development, and innovative learning interventions that assure lasting change for our clients. Click here to view our profile

CEO Message

The word “Jadarat” is the closest Arabic translation to the word “competencies”. Managing and enhancing individuals and corporates’ competencies is our profession and mission. We believe that everyone has unlimited power and skills. All what is needed is to unleash his/her power and potentials. Jadarat is established to play this role. We also believe that life is not separated from business, and that the essence in training is not the knowledge but the experience, and the lasting change in behavior not the volatile gained skills. Jadarat has its unique combination of blended learning and development tools and interventions. To get the best learning service, each…

Jadarat Management Team

Dr. Wael Aziz

President and CEO

With a personal vision to: “change the status quo of myself, my family, and the nation”, Dr. Wael is an initiative leader, creative thinker, influencer, goals achiever, and effective communicator and negotiator. He is an active member of various professional regional and international communities and societies, and a researcher with published papers and participations in conferences for e-government, organization structure, performance management, and leadership development.   Dr. Wael holds over than 25 years of experience at different technical and managerial roles in wide spectrum of industries, technologies, locations, and cultures. With his immense ability to create lovely and organized working environment, Dr. Wael has remarkable achievements in corporate level strategic planning and performance management; with solid experience in blending corporate business objectives with personal performance indicators, since 2003.   He is a consultant, coach and international trainer of many subjects such as: European model for excellence (EFQM), ISO 9001, 18001, 14001, and 27001, balanced score cards (BSC), business process re-engineering (BPR), TQM, CMM, and ITIL with proven records in government, oil and gas, construction, manufacturing, and financial sectors. He has over 15 years’ experience in managing multi-million USD projects in business process improvement in the fields of process automation, electronic archiving, preventative maintenance, asset management, e-government, e-business, online billing, ent

Mohamed Haroun

VP, Technology

A senior business professional based in UAE, with more than 18 years of experience and achievement across multiple industry sectors including Petroleum, Information Technology, Professional Services, Education, and Government. His work encompassed the development of corporate vision and strategy, strategy implementation and delivery management, and the development of business processes and performance systems.   Mohamed’s core professional skills are in strategy planning and development, enterprise project management office,program management, organization excellence, change management and team leadership. He has implemented several large-scale, transformational projects at American, Canadian, and Middle Eastern companies and public sector organizations.   Mohamed uses his natural communication skills as a presenter and team facilitator. He has a special interest in the leadership, motivation and development of individuals and teams and has led a wide range of leadership and personal development seminars and workshops in the United States, Canada, the Middle east, and GCC.

Mohammed Ghazy

VP, Finance

Mohammed is expert in organization development, strategy deployment, innovation and performance management, with over 24 years in quality management, excellence models, asset management, project controls, He coaches and trains organizations in many businesses on the application of quality concepts, benchmarking & performance management models.   Mohammed served various national governments and international organizations including American, Spanish, Korean, Kuwaiti, Saudi Arabian, Emirati, and Egyptian.   Mohammed is passionate about his work, keeps focus, good communicator, result oriented, and smart worker with capacity to lead teams and individual to deliver goals.

Safaa Ezz

Managing Director

Safaa is a leading person with super ambitious personality who has worked in many fields and sectors including but not limited to; 16 years in the field of IT industry and projects management and as a trainer as well, as she’s a certified trainer from Microsoft.   Safaa has a wide experience and stunning skills in marketing, sales and business development and has a big passion about marketing and innovation specialty and entrepreneurship.   Aims to create a hub that sets a whole new leadership entity to provide and deliver the most effective techniques in leadership, that’s targeting to train the managerial level and entrepreneurs to support them with the needed skills and knowledge in order to creating a new outstanding generation of leaders that’s able to carry out and bring innovation to our community.

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