Business Writing

Code Course Title Start Date End Date Location
2071 Business Writing 25/12/2015 Egypt

Jadarat giving you the opportunity of a fun experience to learn how to write professionally at this work shop, as we believe that human understands more by engagement, by action. You get the best understanding of anything by trying it, thinking about it, talking about it, not by listening to a trainer and watching a presentation.

In this work shop you will learn by educational games, community of practices, job assignments, action learning, storytelling, as well as classrooms, and storytelling.

What is Business Writing?!

Since “In business everything should be written”, writing is one of the most important skill everyone should learn. Participants will take part in a basic writing refresher focusing on spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Within the workshop you will have an overview of the most common business documents such as proposals, reports & agendas that give you that extra edge in the workplace.

Business writing course is a part of the Organization Excellence Diploma that you can participate as an individual course.



  • Everyone needs to write a large number of business documents at speed.
  • Everyone works in business and communicate in writing.
  • Would like to reduce your reliance on colleagues and supervisors to edit your work.
  • Would like to develop a more professional business writing style.



Before the course, Jadarat assessment center will provide you with international, highly credible assessments that will measure your interpersonal skills, and give you a fruitful report that will help you improve your interpersonal skills, understand every employee needs, passion, communication style, and improve your ability to deal with every employee according to his character. You will also warm up for the course by doing some activities, and answering some questions in order to get ready for the training.



  • Gain a better understanding of common spelling & grammar issues in business writing.
  • Review basic concepts in sentence & paragraph construction.
  • Learn to use email professionally & effectively.
  • Learn how to create agendas, email messages, business letters, business proposals.
  • Making reports which are structured in a professional environment.
  • Master techniques for improved proofreading skills.
  • Learn how peer reviews can help improve business writing skills.
  • Learn guidelines for printing & publishing business writing.
  • Gain valuable insight into international etiquette.



  • 2 days.
  • Material:

  • English.

  • Delivery:

  • English/Arabic.

  • Certificate:

    Trainees will get attendance certificate Issued by Jadarat International and The International Accreditation Institute (IAO)



    After finishing the course, you will test your knowledge by answering an assignment. This will let you know which areas you have a good understanding of, and which ones you need to understand better.



    • We are committed to full money back guarantee if the delegate’s satisfaction is less than 85% in this course.
    • You can replay the same course within 6 month (Up to free seats).
    • After this course and any course in Jadarat, you get a life-time follow up as we keep following up with you assisting in all what you need of help and answers for inquiries related to the studied topic.
    • For Companies: Nominate a replacement of your employee to attend the same course if your employee resigned within 6 months of finishing the training.


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