Change Management

Code Course Title Start Date End Date Location
1866 Change Management 19/01/2015 Egypt

Why Jadarat?!

Because Jadarat giving you the opportunity to live a fun experience in learning using methods that supports educational games, community of practices, job assignments, action learning, storytelling, as well as classrooms, and storytelling.

What is Change Management?!

Change management course was made to help leaders at all levels to drive and sustain change. This course lasts for 16 hours on three days only, During this three day course you will learn how to manage changes effectively by using the correct methodology and approach.


Who Should Attend?!

This training course targets all managers involved in the management of business.


Pre course reading:

Delegates will be expected to have completed the assigned pre-course study material prior to attending this course. The material will include the fable “Our Iceberg is melting” and a pre-course assessment tools. This work is likely to take delegates 4 hours and will be sent to you approximately one to two weeks before the start of your course.


How does it go:

  • You take your own change project with you to the training.
  • Work on it during the training.
  • Present it to a ‘management team.
  • And at the end of the course you will have a blueprint of a change management plan for your own change project in the company.
  • During the training you receive instruments, worksheets, directives and checklists necessary for a successful change management track.
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    What is your outcome from this course?!

  • Identify and clarify a change that you have ownership in leading.
  • Learn how to get the organisation's attention for this needed change
  • Create a vision of what would happen if the change is achieved.
  • Identify others with the skills, attitudes and reputations you need for buy-in.
  • Identify barriers to achieving this change and develop strategies to overcome them.
  • Identify additional changes needed to support your overall effort.
  • Create a Team or Individual Action Plan to focus you on achieving this change
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    • We are committed to full money back guarantee if the delegate’s satisfaction is less than 85% in this course.
    • You can replay the same course within 6 month (Up to free seats).
    • After this course and any course in Jadarat, you get a life-time follow up as we keep following up with you assisting in all what you need of help and answers for inquiries related to the studied topic.
    • For Companies: Nominate a replacement of your employee to attend the same course if your employee resigned within 6 months of finishing the training.


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