Competency-Based Behavioral Interviewing

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10112 Competency-Based Behavioral Interviewing 05/05/2018 05/05/2018 Egypt


The goal of any selection interview is to learn enough about a candidate to be able to predict future-on-the-job performance and behavior.

Behavioral interviewing is a technique based on the idea that candidates' past and present behavior is the best predictor of how they will behave in the future. But behavioral traits don't appear on a resume — they can only come from an interview.

The competency-based behavioral interviewing workshop uses "competencies" to describe behavioral qualities. Examples include analytical, problem solver, team player and customer-oriented. Behavioral competencies should be used to describe job requirements ("must be articulate, adaptable, committed," and so on) before the interview as well as to evaluate candidates after an interview.

The competency-based behavioral interviewing workshop forms the framework for the entire hiring system; interviewers are able to make much more effective hiring decisions.

The Objectives

  • Acquire the skills of analyzing the specific requirements of jobs in terms of tasks, skills, competencies and behavioral requirement
  • Design competency-based interview questions
  • Conduct the competency-based interview (CBI) session for recruitment
  • Practice interview sessions
  • Learn from feedback to enable improvement in interviewing

Who’s Eligible to Attend?

  • Recruitment Professionals
  • HR Managers
  • Talent Managers
  • Line Managers and Team Leaders involved in recruitment for their companies
  • Who would like to learn a structured competency-based approach to conducting interviews to select the right candidate for the right job

What will you learn?

  • Overview of CBI methodology and process
  • Assessing competencies – reviewing job descriptions
  • Determining required job tasks and skills
  • Identifying job competencies
  • Building the CBI interview – developing CBI questions
  • Practice exercise – conduct CBI for Recruitment
  • The Interview process
  • Interview Situations – Recruitment Interview and Talent Interview
  • Conducting the CBI – Skills Practice in Recruitment, Promotion and Talent Assessment
  • Evaluation of interview and scoring
  • Feedback Session

The Workshop is presented by

Inas Soliman, Inas is a Certified Trainer, MBA holder from ESLSCA Business School, Certified PHRi from HRCI, and Certified Psychometric Assessor.  

Duration & Date

  • 6 hrs. (One training day)
  • Saturday 5th of May 2018
  • From 10.00 am to 4.00 pm

Training Location & Registration

  • At Jadarat International Premises
  • Villa 451 - Northern Chouifat St. - 5th Settlement - New Cairo
  • Tel: 02 2541 2904  
  • Mob: 011 4152 4444 – 010 1806 8444

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