Corporate Governance

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434 Corporate Governance 30/08/2014 Egypt



Corporate governance deals with the complex set of relationships between the corporation and its board of directors, management, shareholders, and other stakeholders. In the recent years, the regulators and legislators have intensified their focus on how businesses are being run. They are endeavoring to create a template for new corporate governance and disclosure measures, which is beneficial for both the stakeholders and controllers.


This Corporate Governance training course is designed for board members, senior managers and managers responsible for:

·         Corporate Governance

·         Corporate Strategy

·         Operational Risk Management

·         Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

·         Environmental Sustainability

·         Public Relations, Human Resources, Marketing


·         Increased confidence and practice handling different people and situations

·         An understanding of how to adapt your communication style

·         Insights into emotional intelligence and how to build allies

·         Planning and practicing strategies to state your case convincingly

·         Improved questioning and listening skills


1. Overview

·         Objectives

·         Introduction

·         What is Corporate Governance

·         Definitions and Importance of Corporate Governance

·         Reputation, Competition and Corporate Governance

·         Corporate Ethics

·         Corporate Governance and Corporate Responsibility

·         Globalization and Corporate Governance

2. Models and Mechanisms

·         Objectives

·         Introduction

·         Models of Corporate Governance

·         Mechanisms of Corporate Governance

3. Shareholders and Stakeholders

·         Objectives

·         Introduction

·         Shareholder Rights

·         Equitable Treatment

·         Responsibilities of Shareholders

·         Minority Shareholders’ Protection

·         Stakeholder Protection

4. Board of Directors

·         Objectives

·         Introduction

·         Structure and Independence of the Board

·         Responsibilities and Duties of the Board

·         Selection, Remuneration and Evaluation of the Board

·         Board Committees

·         The Board and the Management

5. Audit Committee

·         Objectives

·         Introduction

·         Organization of Audit Committee

·         Responsibilities of the Audit Committee

·         Working with Auditors and Management

·         Blue Ribbon Committee

6. Banking Corporate Governance

·         Objectives

·         Introduction

·         Sound Corporate Governance Practices in Banking

·         The Role of Public Disclosure

·         Supervisors and Transparency

·         Recommendations for Enhancing Bank Transparency

·         Supportive Environment to Corporate Governance .

7. Corporate Scandals

·         Objectives

·         Introduction

·         General Motors

·         American Express

·         Enron

·         WorldCom

·         Bad Corporate Practices

8. Best Practices

·         Objectives

·         Introduction

·         Infosys Technologies

·         Sony

9. Corporate Responsibility

·         Objectives

·         Introduction

·         The US Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002

·         The UK Corporate Responsibility Act 2002


At Jadarat, we believe that human understands more by engagement, by action. You get the best understanding of anything by trying it, thinking about it, talking about it, not by listening to a trainer and watching a presentation. In this work shop you will learn by educational games, community of practices, job assignments, action learning, storytelling, as well as classrooms, and storytelling.


End-of-module assessment tests requiring a pass rate of 70% or above to advance to the next module


Before the course, Jadarat assessment center will provide you with international, highly credible assessments that will measure your interpersonal skills, and give you a richy report that will help you improve your interpersonal skills, understand every employee needs, passion, communication style, and improve your ability to deal with every employee according to his character. You will also warm up for the course by doing some activities, and answering some questions in order to get ready for the training.

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