Emotional, Social Intelligence

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308 Emotional, Social Intelligence

What's emotional and social intelligence:
Emotional and Social Intelligence (ESI) refers to the competencies linked to self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management, which enable people to understand and manage their own and others’ emotions in social interactions. The study of ESI came out of research on multiple intelligences, personality studies, psychology of emotion and neuroscience (through MRIs and many other imaging techniques). It established that just as we take in data about ourselves and our environment through our minds and our bodies, we also process data through our emotional center.
What Will You Learn?
Emotional and Social intelligence will make you able to perfectly manage your emotions thoughts, and reactions in order to be able to manage people and situations better for the best output of the conversation and best results from the teams by leading them EMOTIONALLY.
By the end of this course you will:

    *Be aware of your own behaviour. *Learn to empathetic with others. *Know tools for active listening. *Effectively communicate interpersonally. *Recognize various social cues. *Determine appropriate conversation topics. *Know various forms of body language
Is It Right For Me?
Emotional and Social intelligence is suitable for you if you:
    1. Need to manage your emotions, actions and reactions. 2. Need to understand how people think and act. 3. Need to build long-term relationships with friends, family and business partners. 4. Need to manage and lead people emotionally in order to get more analytical and reasonable outcomes. 5. Are responsible of a team of 2-10 people in work. 6. Are aiming for better outcomes from your team. 7. Need to gain the skill of how to go through hard situations easily and to turn loss to victory.
Assessment of this course:
In this course you will pass by an assessment that will determine some points of your personality to be able to work on it correctly as it will:
    1. Identify your level in understanding emotions. 2. Evaluate several aspects of your emotional intelligence and suggest you ways to improve it. 3. Let you know well the emotional sizes of yourself. 4. Learn you how to manage the knowledge you get for better relationships.
Jadarat commitment for this course:
Jadarat is committed to deliver high end learning solutions and memorable learning experience to our clients. We are committed to full money back guarantee if the delegate’s satisfaction is less than 90% in any of our courses. We are also committed to provide free of charge life-time follow up and support for every individual participated in one course of Jadarat. He or she can call Jadarat at any working time to get free consultation regarding his/ her course.

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