Human Resources Diploma

Code Course Title Start Date End Date Location
1109 Human Resources Diploma 24/08/2014 24/11/2014 Egypt

Diploma Description

Human Resources Management is critical to achieving organizational effectiveness in today’s business environment. Participants will learn how to leverage
and develop their skills to achieve creative and innovative organizational goals. The Diploma in Human Resources Management curriculum links theory with
practice in order to develop HR core competencies and the business acumen of a Certified Human Resource Professional.

This course will allow you to explore a career in human resources as a HR manager or manager with HR responsibilities. During this course you will be
trained in managing human resource services, workforce planning, recruitment and selection and industrial relations.

Diploma Duration:

Practitioner diploma:
50 hrs. Divided to 30 hrs. of implementation workshops and 20 hrs. classes.

Consultant diploma:
100 hrs. Divided to 60 hrs. of implementation workshops and 40 hrs. classes

Who Should Attend?

· Experienced HR professionals who are seeking to update their knowledge and skills.

· New HR professionals who seek the knowledge, skills, and perspectives that will help them excel at their jobs and advance in the field.

· Professionals considering a career change into HR who want to explore the field as well as make themselves more desirable candidates for HR positions.

· Human resource specialists in any of the five functional areas of human resource management (human resource planning, recruitment, and selection; human
resource development; compensation and benefits; employee safety and health; and employee and labour relations), particularly those involved in employee
benefits, employee relations, recruiting, wage and salary administration, affirmative action, and labour relations.

· Line managers who seek greater skill in interviewing and hiring new employees, training employees, conducting performance evaluations of their direct
reports, and other HR activities they are responsible for carrying out.

Covered Topics

  • Introduction to Human Resource Management.
  • Competencies: Design & Implementation.
  • Job Analysis / Job Description & KPIs.
  • Recruitment & Placement: Manpower Planning.
  • Recruitment & Placement: Employee Testing & Selection.
  • Recruitment & Placement: interviewing Candidates.
  • Training & Developing Employees: ADDIE model.
  • Performance Management & Appraisal.
  • Coaching, Careers, and Talent Management.
  • Establishing strategic pay plans.
  • Job Evaluation Methods.
  • Pay for Performance and financial incentives.
  • Benefits and services.
  • Labor Law.
  • Managing Employees Relations.
  • How to write HR Policies & Procedures.
  • Human Resource Information Systems.
  • Organizational Behavior and its Relation to Human Resource Management.
  • Strategic Human Resource Management.
  • HR Balanced Score Card & Dashboard.
  • Managing Global Human Resources.

Learning intervention:

Jadarat international applies blended learning approach to achieve an unforgettable learning experience for every participant, Jadarat's unique approach
makes sure that participants instantly move from the state of passive receiving of information to the state of active application of the skills they
gained, till achieving behavior and beliefs change. Then comes the role of the participant to convert what he learned into habits.

Among learning practices that Jadarat uses to assure maximum enjoyment, and engagement are: determining participant learning style, interactive classrooms,
role modeling, open discussions, videos, direct comments, assessments, small talks, learning by discovering, brainstorming, personal journal writing,
meeting public figures, educational games, guided reading, home exercises, simulations, animation, self-study, e-learning, assessments before and after
training, mutual coaching, learning by practice, and more.


End-of-module assessment tests requiring a pass rate of 70% or above to advance to the next module

Pre-course assignment

Before the diploma, participants will be assessed with international highly credible personality, knowledge and learning style assessments that will give
every participant a deep, intensive, and highly accurate look at his character traits, competencies, strength points, and more indicators that participant
will build on to develop his personal development plan.

End-of-Course assignment

After attending this diploma, every participant will pass by an exam and experimental workshop to make sure that they got all the needed knowledge and
totally able to implement it directly in their daily work.

Post-course follow-up

For a year after the course, Participants will be able to contact the trainer via Email, or telephone to follow up with them, and supervise
self-development plan execution. Jadarat will also provide participants with an intercommunication system to follow up with each other via Jadarat club.

You can replay the same course within 6 month and we are committed to full money back guarantee if the delegate’s satisfaction is less than 90% in this

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