Human resources certified diploma

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2115 Human resources certified diploma 14/02/2016 Egypt

At Jadarat, we believe that human understands more by engagement, by action. You get the best understanding of anything by trying it, thinking about it, talking about it, not by listening to a trainer and watching a presentation.

What is Human Recourses Diploma(HRM)?!

The Secret of any successful organizations is the Human Resources. As one of the very important departments in any organization, it needs well educated and highly knowledgeable calibers to lead it. We aimed to Learn and practice the responsibilities of a human resource specialist and manager to all the trainees.

In line with our commitment to excellence, Jadarat is authorized from The HR Certification Institute (HRCI) which established in 1976.

HRCI is an internationally certifying organization for the human resource profession and a global leader in developing rigorous exams to demonstrate mastery and real-world application of forward-thinking HR practices, policies and principles. Today, more than 120,000 professionals worldwide proudly maintains the HR Certification Institute’s credentials as a mark of high professional distinction.


Who should attend this course?!

  • Experienced HR professionals who are seeking to update their knowledge and skills.
  • New HR professionals who seek the knowledge, skills, and perspectives that will help them excel at their jobs and advance in the field.
  • Professionals considering a career change into HR who want to explore the field as well as make themselves more desirable candidates for HR positions.
  • Human resource specialists in any of the five functional areas of human resource management which are:
      - Human resource planning.
      - Recruitment, and selection.
      - Human resource development.
      - Compensation and benefits.
      - Employee safety and health.
      - Employee and labor relations.
  • Particularly those who are involved in employee benefits, employee relations, recruiting, wage and salary.
  • Administration, affirmative action, and labor relations.
  • Line managers who seek greater skill in interviewing and hiring new employees, training employees, conducting performance evaluations of their direct reports, and other HR activities they are responsible for carrying out.


Duration: 108 hours

Material: English

Delivery: English/Arabic


Pre-course assignment:

Before the course, Jadarat assessment center will provide you with international, highly credible assessments that will measure your interpersonal skills, and give you a fruitful report that will help you improve your interpersonal skills, understand every employee needs, passion, communication style, and improve your ability to deal with every employee according to his character. You will also warm up for the course by doing some activities, and answering some questions in order to get ready for the training.


What Modules this diploma includes?!

  • Competency Based Human Resource Management
  • Job Analysis / Job Description & KPIs
  • Manpower Planning
  • Employee Assessment & Selection
  • Interviewing Candidates
  • Training and developing employees: ADDIE model.
  • Performance management and appraisal.
  • Establishing strategic pay plans.
  • Pay for performance and financial incetitives.
  • Benefits and service.
  • Labor law.
  • Managing Employees Relations
  • Strategic Human Resource Management & HR Balanced Score Card
  • Organizational Behavior and its Relation to Human Resource Management
  • Managing global human resources.
  • Final Project


End of course assignment:

By the end of the cours every trainee will have a final project to meet the following course objectives.



  • We are committed to full money back guarantee if the delegate’s satisfaction is less than 85% in this course.
  • You can replay the same course within 6 month (Up to free seats).
  • After this course and any course in Jadarat, you get a life-time follow up as we keep following up with you assisting in all what you need of help and answers for inquiries related to the studied topic.
  • For Companies: Nominate a replacement of your employee to attend the same course if your employee resigned within 6 months of finishing the training.


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