Recruiting, Selecting, and Training the Sales Force

Code Course Title Start Date End Date Location
440 Recruiting, Selecting, and Training the Sales Force 19/04/2014 Egypt

Recruitment & Selection Workshop

Workshop Objectives:

  • Understand the benefits of an effective recruitment and selection process
  • Gain confidence and experience in the application of these
  • Develop the skills for successful interviewing and selection of a candidate

Target Audience:

  • Entry-level supervisors and managers
  • Human Resources specialists, coordinators, and managers.

Workshop Outline:

    Specify the strategic decisions that must be made regarding recruiting.

    Compare internal and external sources of candidates.

    Discuss why more employers are using flexible staffing for recruiting.

    Outline a typical recruiting process and identify legal considerations

    Identify three internal sources for recruiting.

    List and briefly discuss five external recruiting sources.

    Discuss three factors to consider when evaluating recruiting efforts

    Define selection and explain the use of selection criteria and predictors.

    Diagram the sequence of a typical selection process.

    Discuss the reception and application phases of the selection process

    Psychometric Tests and their value

    Discuss three types of interviews and several key considerations in the selection interview.

    Construct a guide for conducting a selection interview.

    Investigations of applicants.

Duration: 24 hours

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