The Power of Leadership

Code Course Title Start Date End Date Location
1231 The Power of Leadership 08/08/2014 09/08/2014 Egypt


The power of leadership program discusses several stories and case studies on how good leaders managed to change the performance and perception of their countries and organizations. The course highlights trends and insights from the latest leadership research, which have been never holistically covered in any similar program.

It provides a structured approach to assess the participants’ leadership competencies and give them the opportunity to reflect on their current jobs. It helps them to see in practice how the skills of effective leaders enable them to overcome their challenges.

Through simulation, role-playing, self-assessment tests, peer interaction and other leadership training interventions, each participant will explore his potentials in different roles as strategist, change agent, performance booster, coach, communicator, and team builder.

Course Objectives:

· Build confidence in yourself for higher leadership positions.

· Get recognized as a leader by learning how to look and behave like leaders.

· Assess your leadership scale compared to best-in-class leaders.

· Recognize the key leadership competencies and behaviors you should perform.

· Develop your unique leadership style for maximum impact.

· Reflect on your current role as a manager, and how can you enhance it.

· Set your own personal leadership goals and development plan.

· Appreciate the impact of leadership on your personality and performance.

· Explore the latest trends in leadership research and practices.

· Get access to hundreds of leadership development resources.

Who Should Attend:

· Midlevel managers who need to enhance their ability to lead others and achieve results.

· Newly appointed managers who are embark on a challenging leadership assignment.

· Entrepreneurs who are responsible for the whole strategy and operation of their companies.

· Trainers and coaches who want to enhance their knowledge in leadership development practices and get access to valuable material.

Course duration: 16 hours

Course fees: $200

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