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Jadarat Commitment

Jadarat is committed to deliver high end learning solutions and memorable learning experience to our clients. We are committed to full money back guarantee if the delegate’s satisfaction is less than 90% in any of our courses. We are also committed to provide free of charge life-time follow up and support for every individual participated in one course of Jadarat. He or she can call Jadarat at any working time to get free consultation regarding his/ her course.
Jadarat clients can also benefit from the following benefits:

  • Attend up to 20% of any public course free of charge prior to registration to assure the quality of learning.
  • Repeat any public course you already participated in free of charge, without giving a reason.
  • Nominate a replacement to attend the same course if your employee resigned within 6 months of finishing the training.
  • Take the privilege of discussing the course content with one of Jadarat’s consultants before booking, to ensure that the requested course will exactly match your needs.

To be able to meet these commitments Jadarat is obliged to do the following:

  • Courses content are designed based on new peer-reviewed research and customer’s feedback.
  • Combine international experience with local flavor through.
  • Total commitment from every member of Jadarat to strictly follow customer-focused process and procedures.
  • Unique learning environment with the latest industry practices, and highly integrated services and products
  • Talented staff and global reach to new research and technologies.
  • Personalize The Learning Solution


Individuals and corporate differ in their training needs. Personalized learning solutions assure higher satisfaction rates. While it might not be practical to have a customized course designed for each person, it is helpful to identify the gaps in the knowledge and skills of each individual before enrollment in the class. This gives the tutor clear picture of the areas of focus during the course, and the post-course evaluation provides the participant a report about his progress and direct gains achieved by attending the course. This approach saves time and cost and increases the possibility of achieving the learning objectives, hence the overall satisfaction.

Blended Learning Approach

In Jadarat, a course is not only a material and a tutor. Jadarat applies a combination of: Learning events, Learning practices, Venues, Countries/ Cities as shown below, to achieve the best match between the course objectives and the clients’ needs and expiations. For each type program we provide, we apply the following approach:

Jadarat Learning Practices

In Jadarat we use more the 20 different learning practices depending on the case. Not all these practices are applicable in all courses, but for those who are engaged in long programs with Jadarat, they will have the chance to be exposed to all these practices during the program.

 Jadarat Learning Practices
 Classrooms  360 degree feedback  Self-awareness tools
 Coaching  Online sharing tools  Personal development plans
 Mentoring  Psychometric testing  Personal journal writing
 Networking  Deep interviewing Observed behavioral assessment
 Storytelling  Action learning  Job enrichment/ enlargement
 Webinars  Role modelling  Collaborative software systems
 Case Studies  External camps  Desktop video conferencing
 Educational games  Job assignments  Community of practices

The Learning Style Model indicates a range of variables proven to influence the achievements of individual learners. Each learner has his or her own unique combination of preferences. The learner’s ability to engage with the work and to achieve success is dependent on his/her interest in the subject as well the proper match with his learning style.
Learning Style Model:

For some courses that require high focus and concentration, Jadarat ask the trainers to conduct a learning style preference assessment to identify the trainer’s profile preferred learning style as shown in the figure above for better customization of the learning methods and practices to suit the trainer’s needs and preferences.

Jadarat Competency Management System:
BE-Spoke Courses

A part from its scheduled programs and courses, Jadarat is happy to provide tailored courses that are specifically designed for the corporate to meet its specific business objectives and training needs and fit its unique culture.

Competency-Based Learning

A competency is a set of knowledge, skills, behaviors, attitudes and characteristics that distinguish one person from another. For any job, it is possible to identify the functional, personal, and business competencies required for outstanding performance. Once identified, these competencies can be used for selection or development of employees. Jadarat competency-based training help the organizations to ensure that employees’ development is directly tied to job performance. Jadarat competency-based training system includes more than just training courses related to job performance. It identifies the level of competency required for different levels of performance within a given work function. A successful development plan should be designed based on the competencies to be achieved not the titles of the courses, and this exactly what Jadarat is doing through its assessment center.

Self, Family & Business Coaching

If deciding to change proves simpler than deciding what to change, you may want to talk with one of our coaches. Our unique, confidential Coaching service will help you to become more successful, productive, and with great certainty. We help you to become more valuable to yourself, your family and your organization. No job is permanent. Your career is.

Our coach will help you to:

  • Get clearer about your vision and goals;
  • Learn how to plan for yourself, your family, and your career;
  • Work through personal fears;
  • Acknowledge and move through internal blocks that may be delaying your success;
  • Develop a doable plan of action;
  • Become accountable to executing the plan;
  • Increase your self-confidence and emotional intelligence;
  • Learn to listen to your intuition and trust yourself.

Jadarat Knowledge Cafe:

Jadarat hosts a bi-monthly meeting for HR directors and consultants to share knowledge about new trends in the field. The scheduled topics are related to public management, planning, HR management, organization development, information technology, innovation management, and many others. It aims to provide a sense of camaraderie, and renews commitment and inspiration, where individuals can meet others with the same interests/problems/concerns that they may have in their chosen field. An industry expert may be invited to provide a speech on new trends of a specific topic, as well as newly published research papers may be discussed.

Jadarat Club

Jadarat provides different schemes of memberships for corporate and individuals. Depending on the scheme, a Jadarat club member can benefit from:

  • Discounts up to 50% to any course fees during the membership.
  • Discounts up to 10% to any international assessment tests conducted through Jadarat.
  • Free newsletter.
  • Free training needs assessment.
  • Online access to international research libraries.
  • Free career path consultation.
  • Free educational advise.
  • Three free post-course coaching sessions.
  • Return for Learning (ROL) calculator (for corporates only).

Online Training

Jadarat is committed to help the Middle East workforce to meet the challenges of today’s competitive job market through wide range sources and opportunities. Jadarat with, its strategic partners, presents the latest in e-learning and offers more than 200 online courses in the fields of Business & Management, Information Technology, and Business Skills Videos (BSV). Each participant will be will be entitled to a course completion certificate after successfully completing all chapters of the course and pass the test (if required), the certificate can be printed online.

For individuals, start learning whenever you are ready. Learn at your pace. Choose your preference in language, subject, duration and material. All you need is a computer connected to the internet.

For corporates, Jadarat can help you build your own online platform, to provide continuous flow of dedicated courses for your team, that get them engaged and save you thousands of dollars.


Whenever appropriate, Jadarat uses Gamification to motivate our delegates and move their thinking about themselves for being trainees to game players. This is a game changer for Jadarat as they are going to be the first institute in the region to apply Gamification actively for its clients.

Smart Learning Applications

Jadarat is committed to grant scholarships and discounts for students and graduates with special academic qualifications, remarkable civic participation, or outstanding innovative talents. The innovation and civic scholarship is awarded for certain courses to a limited number of delegates who participated in cultural/ civic activities organized by local non-government organizations with proven records of achievements. Students who are graduated from public schools with outstanding secondary school academic record will be awarded up to 80% discounts in all courses of the Personal Leadership Program. For more information, please contact Jadarat office.


One of Jadarat’s core objectives is to develop and deliver training programs to assist the Middle East young graduates to build their capabilities, knowledge, and understanding. This allows them to make full use of the new trends in leadership and innovation. Sponsoring a training event allows you to expose your organization, products, and services to an audience of highly talented professionals in the local market. For more information about Jadarat sponsorship program, please call Jadarat.

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