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The word “Jadarat” is the closest Arabic translation to the word “competencies”. Managing and enhancing individuals and corporates’ competencies is our profession and mission. We believe that everyone has unlimited power and skills. All what is needed is to unleash his/her power and potentials. Jadarat is established to play this role. We also believe that life is not separated from business, and that the essence in training is not the knowledge but the experience, and the lasting change in behavior not the volatile gained skills.

Jadarat has its unique combination of blended learning and development tools and interventions. To get the best learning service, each participant has to go through a pre-assessment exercise in the Jadarat Assessment Center to identify his/her current abilities, gaps, and potentials; then design his/her personal development plan accordingly. In Jadarat, we are cultural-aware; however, we will not re-invent the wheel; Through our wide-spread international affiliations and strategic partnerships, we bring to the region the state-or-art learning material and solutions with affordable prices.

We offer complete learning solutions that doesn’t stop at delivering the courses, but is bounded with proper talent management and career path consultation, technology selection and utilization, and dedicated research in a highly flexible approach that suites all clients’ situations.

We can provide continual monitoring to the delegates at their working place to assure the proper alignment of organization performance with employees’ competencies. We also offer the methodology and the tools for those who are interested in calculating the return on learning (ROL).

With our global reach and regional presence, we are keen to change the perception of training in the region. We are ambitious about the role we can play in building the leadership and innovation capacity in the Middle East, through our “one-stop-shop” programs that are built around the “Leadership Tree”.

The question is no longer are leaders born or made; they are born and made. Our mission and commitment is to provide the proper learning environment to create “new” leaders as well as to enhance the competencies of the “existing” ones.  Share with us our ambitions, and be the star of a new success story!

Dr. Wael Aziz Jadarat President and CEO

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