EFQM Excellence event starts Tomorrow!

According to the cooperation protocol between Jadarat International and Development & Leadership Development Center For EFQM Excellence that aims to spread the knowledge of the Organization Excellence in Egypt, the first workshop of EFQM event starts tomorrow 30th of November 2015.

The Event lasts for 3 days contains a free workshop each day for everyone from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm at Development & Leadership Development Center location. (Click here to know the location)

    – The Free first Workshop will be on Monday 30/11/2012 by Dr. Wael Aziz.
    – Second Free Workshop will be on Tuesday 1/12/2015 by by Dr. Wael Aziz.
    – Third Free Workshop will be on Wednesday 2/12/2015 by Dr. Emad El-Dien Hussien.

At night starts a closed program only for Companies Managers in Egypt under the name of “Excellence Leaders From European Organizations EFQM ” by Dr. Emad El-Dien Hussien.

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