Jadarat Is Now Accredited By IAO

We are proud to announce that Jadarat is now officially accredited education provider by the International Accreditation Organization (IAO).

IAO is an international quality assurance agency, working to improve educational standards all over the world. It operates globally, granting accreditation to educational providers. IAO and its alliances work together to improve the education standards in the respective regions by evaluating and accrediting education providers.

To earn the accreditation, Jadarat was evaluated by IAO using their patented “Points Profile System” where in they do not just look at one or two aspects of the institute, they categorize all the aspects that make a respectable educational facility and break them down into subcategories, awarding each category with a separate points system, which ended up with Jadarat being evaluated and ranked on each aspect that it upholds. The information on this evaluation was gathered by batch of appointed Chapters, who are all highly qualified educators themselves, besides this, they used their extensive educational circle to gather and shortlist adequate information about Jadarat. These information helped them determine the validity and status of Jadarat as an internationally viable institute.

IAO’s accreditation now covers all the courses and programs offered by Jadarat International.

iao accreditation certificate

IAO accreditation certificate

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