Marketing Diploma in Jadarat

Marketing is one of the most enjoyable, interesting topics that you could ever study or experience in your life, and definitely from the top amazing careers that a one could join, it is a one full of enjoyable challenges and new experiences to be taken every day, And you know that it’s one of the top paying jobs in Egypt and the whole world? The opportunity of closely studying people’s behavior, interests and reactions, which is always un-expectable and strange, and to be always generating new ideas and ways, if one of the most enjoyable things that you can ever do. Marketing career is for the creative, open minded, imaginative people who are always in a creativity mood. And for this sake, Jadarat provides a whole Diploma in Marketing that comes with you from starters to professionalism in an enjoyable journey through two tracks to pick from:

1. 50 Hours diploma and by the end of it you get the title of Senior Marketer and be fitting this position in national and international companies, and this diploma is divided to a 30 hours of implementation workshops and 20 hours of classes.

2. 100 Hours diploma and by the end of it you get the title of Marketing Consultant and be fitting the position of Head of Sales and Marketing department in companies and to be providing the professional services in this track and it’s divided to a 60 hours of implementation workshops and 40 hours of classes.

3. Delivered to you by consultants and experts in this track with over than 18 years of experience in international market and practical work.

Starting On 21th May,2014

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